My name is Hannah Johnson. My passions are drawing (especially dry pastels), film photography, philosophy, and traveling. My artwork is inspired by intangible objects of reality, such as sound waves, space-time, memories and dimension. A large body of my work as of late has been the exploration of communication without language through visual expression.  I appreciate the gestural landscapes and color theory behind Impressionism, and the vigor and emotion of Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism. I have always been drawn to the ambiance of mountains, and they become a metaphorical muse in much of my work as natural features that change and adapt to surrounding conditions.
I am an alumna of Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Arts with Honors and a focus in Art History and Chemistry. My practical background is in fine arts and art conservation, which I have apprenticed in Florence, Italy and for years between the east and west coast of Florida.
My current position is Gallery Coordinator for Thomas Riley Studio, a contemporary gallery and design atelier located in Naples, FL. Our focus is in contemporary craft, fine art, design, science & technology.
I currently reside and continue studio work in Fort Myers, Florida.



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Phone: 239.572.1881